Adults / Retired Breeders

Here are some wonderful babies that are available for adoption. I have them sorted into sets because I would prefer them to go together. I don’t really want to part with any of these amazing babies but I have to cut down due to projects working on and the space needed. Other pictures available upon request. Lineage and paperwork available on all rats so you know where they came from.


Chandler (Dumbo Havana, Born: 8/27/23) and brother, Ghost (Dumbo Black Berkshire, Born: 11/10/23) Ready Approximately: February 10th 2024 ($30/pair) PICTURES COMING SOON



Fuki “Yeet” (10/23/21 – FEMALE) (RESERVED – $15) Alyssa Y.

Ramen & Betty – (RESERVED – $40/pair) Shelby M.

Ramen and Betty are littermates, born January 1st 2022. They are both sweet and inquisitive and enjoy cheerios. Ramen has successfully had a wonderful litter and made a great Mamma. Betty has not been bred but she’s beautiful and if she is anything like Ramen and her sister, Kimchi, she would make a great Mom, too.

Ramen is a dumbo Burmese and Betty is a black-eyed dumbo Siamese.

Remy & Bruno – (RESERVED – $15/pair) Brandy L.

Remy is a top-eared Russian Blue and Bruno (sibling to Ramen & Betty) is a dumbo pointed marten.