Kimchi x Baku (July 10, 2022)

Due: July 6th to July 13th 2022

Parents: Baku (Black-Eyed Siamese, het Harley) x Ramen (Pointed Burmese Marten, het harley)

Expecting: Black-Eyed Siamese, Pointed Martens (Siamese, Burmese), Russian Blue Martens, Burmese

Note: Must adopt in pairs if there are no other rats in the house present or current rats are significantly different in age than the ones listed. (Discount of 20% off price listed for multiples).

Born: July 10th 2022

The Disney Litter

The litter turned out so magical – everything I wanted (and more) with beautiful silky soft fur (thanks to their satin gene), harley coats, black eyes, and marten genes – I couldn’t do anything but name them after Disney! (That, and the pups reminded me of lion cubs when they were first born).



ID: KB-71022-2 (Female) – Dumbo Satin Burmese Marten “Mirabel” (RESERVED- $50) Alyssa Y.

ID: KB-71022-4 (Female) – Dumbo Satin Black-Eyed Siamese “Nala” (RESERVED- $40) Alyssa Y.

ID: KB-71022-8 (Female) – Dumbo Satin Black-Eyed Harley Siamese “Raya” (RESERVED – $60) Sandra P.

ID: KB-71022-1 (Female) – Dumbo Satin Burmese Marten “Luisa” (RESERVED – $50) Sandra P.

ID: KB-71022-3 (Female) – Dumbo Satin Black-Eyed Siamese “Sarabi” (Reserved Bayside Rattery)

ID: KB-71022-5 (Female) – Dumbo Satin Black-Eyed Siamese “Kiara” (RESERVED – Jacqueline B. $40)

ID: KB-71022-6 (Female) – Dumbo Satin Black-Eyed Harley Pointed Marten “Nani/Possom” (RESERVED – Christina T.)

ID: KB-71022-7 (Female) – Dumbo Satin Black-Eyed Pointed Marten “Lilo” (RESERVED – Jacqueline B. $60)

ID: KB-71022-9 (Male) – Dumbo Satin Black-Eyed Harley Siamese “Meeko” (RESERVED – Tina T. $70)

ID: KB-71022-10 (Male) – Dumbo Satin Black-Eyed Harley Siamese “Baloo” (RESERVED – Tina T. $70)

ID: KB-71022-11 (Male) – Dumbo Satin Black-Eyed Siamese “Mowgli” (Reserved Deltona Rattery)

ID: KB-71022-12 (Male) – Dumbo Harley Burmese Marten “Simba” (Holdback)