Sage x Abraham (Jan 2022)

RZR Sage (Standard-Coated BE Pointed Marten, het for Siamese & Russian Blue) x BAY Abraham (Burmese Dumbo Harley)

Note: No rats from this pairing are available for adoption (Past Litter)

Date Paired: December 11th, 2021

Due Date: December 31st, 2021

Expecting: BE Blue Pointed Siamese & BE Burmese (Harley, poss het Russian Blue)

Born: January 1st, 2021 (HAPPY NEW YEARS!)

Does: 6

Bucks: 8

Update: January 8th, 2022

The babies are now one week old and are growing cuter by the moment. They are continuing to surprise us! It is not 100% certain what each of these babies are, yet, as it will only be known when they grow their fur but I do have some current speculations. Currently, it is believed that we have:

  • 6 Martens, which was a major surprise. (View Marten examples) – 4 boys, 2 girls. We did not expect Marten at all in the litter, and most definitely did not expect the majority of them to be Martens!
  • 4 Burmese (2 boys, 2 girls) – one may possibly be a Burmese Marten.
  • 4 Siamese (2 boys, 2 girls). 3 look standard siamese, with 1 likely black-eyed siamese. 

Week 2

5 Weeks Old


Sage x Abraham – Born January 1st 2022


Red-Eyed Dumbo Siamese Female (het Harley) – $30 RESERVED (Elaina A.) (ID: SA-1122-1)

Dumbo Marten Male (het Harley)- $40 RESERVED (Christina T.) (ID: SA-1122-2)

Dumbo Marten Male Berkshire with Headspot (het Harley)- $40 RESERVED (Forest G.) (ID: SA-1122-3) “Morpeko”

Dumbo Black-Eyed Pointed Marten Burmese Male (het Harley)- $65 RESERVED (Christina T.) (ID: SA-1122-4)


Dumbo Burmese Male (het Harley)- $35 RESERVED (Nadine V.) (ID: SA-1122-5)

Dumbo Red-Eyed Siamese Male (het Harley)- $30 RESERVED (Nadine V.) (ID: SA-1122-6)

Dumbo Burmese Berkshire with Head Spot Male (het Harley)- $35 RESERVED (Forest G.) (ID: SA-1122-7) “Jirachi”

Dumbo Pointed Marten Burmese Female (het Harley)- $65 HOLDBACK (ID: SA-1122-8) “Kimchi”


Dumbo Marten Male (het Harley)- HOLDBACK (ID: SA-1122-9) “Bruno”

Dumbo Black-Eyed Marten Female (het Harley)- $50 HOLDBACK (ID: SA-1122-10) “Boba”

Dumbo Red-Eyed Siamese Male (het Harley)- $30 RESERVED (Nadine V.) (ID: SA-1122-11)

Dumbo Burmese Female (het Harley)- HOLDBACK (ID: SA-1122-12) “Ramen”

Dumbo Black-Eyed Siamese Female (het Harley)- HOLDBACK (ID: SA-1122-13) “Betty”

Dumbo Burmese Female (het Harley)- $35 RESERVED (Elaina A.) (ID: SA-1122-14)