Health Policy

The following health policy is taken straight from the adoption contract.

General Health Policy

BREEDER guarantees that said rat(s) are in good health to the best of the BREEDER’S knowledge. That all rats are free from parasites & skin issues such as mange, ringworm, mites, lice, or fleas. That said rat(s) are free from any respiratory ailments. (Note: new home sneezes are common as the rat adjusts to their new home/new scents and typically cease within 2 weeks of going home).

ADOPTER has 48 hours from the time they took possession of said rat(s) to have the rat(s) examined by a licensed veterinarian, at ADOPTER’S sole cost. If said rat(s) fails the examination, the ADOPTER may return the rat(s), with a written statement from the veterinarian, for an exchange for a current or future rat. All vet fees are covered solely by the ADOPTER. Failure by ADOPTER to have the rat(s) examined within the 48-hour period will nullify this warranty. If the ADOPTER chooses to keep said rat(s), no replacement or refund will be given and all medical costs and treatment are the sole responsibility of the ADOPTER and the health guarantee will be null and void.

Lifetime guarantee against congenital defect or disease.

If at any time during the life of the rat(s) they develop a detrimental condition that dates from the prenatal or fetal state, you may return it and the rat(s) will be replaced. You must have documentation from a licensed veterinarian. This guarantee does not apply to tumors, Mycoplasma, or respiratory issues which may be caused by overall care and husbandry. It does not cover abuse/neglect or any improper care.