Planned Litters


  • Jellybean x Donut (Havana, Mink, Black & Roan Dwarves) Born: January 15th 2024
  • Nessie x Chandler (Havan, Mink, Black & Roan Standards & Dwarves) Born: January 21st 2024


  • Athena x Zombie (Tonkinese, Black, Siamese, Silvermane, in Standard and Dwarf) Due: January 26th (Athena will be adopted out after babies are weaned, with daughter(s))
  • Amber x  Pebble (Burmese Dwarf in Velv and Standard Coats) Due: February 2024
  • Nova x Ghost (Dumbo Black & Russian Blue in Standard & Dwarf) Due: February 14th 2024 (Nova & Ghost will be available for adoption after litter is weaned)
  • Nico x Andromeda (Back Lux Velv Marten, Himi, Siamese, BE Siamese, BE Marten, het: Hairless) Due: March 31st 2024
  • Noodle x Chandler (Agouti, Fawn, Black, & Beige, het: Russian Blue) 
  • Amelie x Sheep (Burmese, Burmese Marten, Siamese, Pointed Marten, Black, Black Marten in Standard and Velveteen coats, in Standard and Dwarf)
  • Millie x Sultan (Mink, Pearl, Black)
  • Juliet x Yeti (Agouti, Mink, Pearl, in St
  • Stitch x Raven (Russian Blue & Back Dwarves)
  • Lupin x ?






Below is my planning calendar (i.e. when they intend to be paired, possible due date, and expected go home date (if applicable).